Industrial services

Silver Spring Energy Consulting Ltd. provides a range of services to the energy and resources sector. We were originally founded as a wellsite geological consulting company and have since branched out into a wide range of related roles.

Geological services

SSEC Ltd. provides wellsite and operations geological services to upstream oil and gas producers. We currently employ 9 geologists with experience in:

Geospatial services

SSEC Ltd. also employs GIS analysts and is capable of undertaking a wide range of geospatial projects from digitizing map data to advanced geospatial analyses and remote sensing operations.

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Gas leak detection

Silver Spring Energy Consulting Ltd. is at the forefront of remotely sensed natural gas leak detection. We employ a state-of-the-art methane detection system that may be mounted to our fleet of UAVs or on a vehicle to rapidly provide the location of existing leaks or to verify the integrity of buried gas pipelines.

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