Methane Detection

Silver Spring Energy Consulting Ltd. is now capable of highly detailed methane leak detection and mapping thanks to our new GasFinder2 methane detection system.

This system can be integrated onto our UAV platforms as well as mounted to our all-terrain vehicles and trucks.

By using exceptionally sensitive methane detection technology, this system can confirm or rule-out the presence of any methane concentration above ambient norm to help identify, pinpoint or verify pipeline leaks or other sources of methane or natural gas release.

Compared to handheld systems our detection system provides an exact, verifiable, measurement of CH4 concentration along with a precise GPS position for that reading. We don’t simply confirm or deny the presence of methane, we give you the exact amount of it and where it is.

Once a detection has been made, the exact location can be pinpointed by following a grid search pattern and mapping the changes in concentration to follow the plume back to the source.