Please feel free to download and use any of our free cartographic utilities below. We provide these free of charge to help the community of cartographic and GIS professionals.

Goodness of Variance Fit Calculator

This Excel spreadsheet provides an easy way to calculate the GVF (Goodness of Variance Fit) for an array of values to validate data classification.

GVF Tool V1.1

*Feb 13, 2016: Updated to Version 1.1 to fix issue where classes that had no deviation from the mean caused a double count in the following class columns.

Wellsite Utilities Project

We are currently working on a simple but effective software tool to help wellsite and operations geologists store data. The final product will generate a complete geological report as an HTML file formatted for print. It will be possible to save the full range of items normally included in a geological report including:

  • Well identification information
  • Ground and KB Elevations
  • Surveys
  • Data Curves
  • Bit information
  • Mud weight samples
  • Operations summary
  • Sample descriptions
  • Well summary
  • Comments

Additional functionality includes survey calculation using the minimum curvature method, survey interpolation (MD and TVD), importing surveys from TXT files, plotting wellpaths along with selected data curves. Web integration will come in the future for plotting of wellpaths on an online mapping service.

Today we are happy to release a “lite” version which allows the geologist to use the full range of survey tools discussed above. This makes it possible to easily double check surveys posted by directional by independently calculating survey information from the measured depth, inclination and azimuth alone. It also allows the geologist to calculate exact interpolated points for formation tops, casing points, landing point etc. using either the MD or TVD of the event to calculate an entire interpolated survey.

This software is still under development and is provided without warranty. Silver Spring Energy Consulting Ltd. assumes no responsibility for how it is used.

Wellsite Tools Lite

Data Curve Duplicate Value Processor

As a wellsite geologist it was always frustrating working with Wellsight Systems Striplog when there were duplicate values in either a TVD gamma log or a Pason export. This simple little utility automatically removes duplicate values based on the column number you specify. It is fully compliant with LAS and space/tab deliminated TXT files.

To use:

  1. Determine which column has the duplicate values
  2. Close the file to be processed
  3. Run curve_duplicates.exe
  4. Enter the column number
  5. Select the file

The output overwrites the original file, so if you need to keep the original then it is recommended you rename a copy before you run the utility.

Duplicate Curve Removal Tool – Requires Windows 7 or higher 64 bit.