Data archival and digitization

Silver Spring Energy Consulting Ltd. would be happy to discuss our data management and archival solutions:

  • Scanning old documents.
  • Digitizing and georeferencing old air photos and maps.
  • Database creation and management.
  • Migration from Excel to a database system.

Paper map digitization

Using large-format scanners and industry leading GIS software we can take high resolution images of old paper maps and turn them into georeferenced raster files (GeoTIFF or Google KMZ) that can be projected on a map.

If need be we can create vector files from digitized maps that can be incorporated into spatial databases for further editing or analysis.

Airphoto digitization and analysis

Using scanned images of legacy airphotos we can build large scale orthomosaics, photogrammetric analyses and land use classifications.

Using photogrammetric techniques we can create 3 dimensional models that can be compared to modern measurements to identify areas of erosion or calculate the volume change of water bodies over time. We can even build models to predict flood water propagation at specific river flow rates and flood stages.

Database management and creation

SSEC Ltd. is equipped with the expertise to digitize all varieties of data both spatial and non-spatial. Our team uses industry standard database management software to generate data sets that can be incorporated into any common database system. We follow a strict set of best practices to design future-proof database schemas to generate databases that are easily queried and easily updated.