Wellsite Supervision

Silver Spring Energy Consulting Ltd. maintains a roster of experienced and new-grad geologists for wellsite geology roles. All of our contractors are fully equipped for field operations and use Wellsight Systems Striplog software to generate well log files.

Digital photography is fast becoming ubiquitous in society and we feel that it is a mandatory service that should be provided to all of our clients should they desire it. All of our consultants are equipped with microscope photography solutions as well as a proper digital camera in the event the client needs a photograph of a core tube or other situation/object on location.

Our contractors all have clean driving records and have reliable 4WD vehicles to ensure safe and dependable travel to and from wellsite locations. Safety is a primary concern and we ensure that all of our consultants are provided with industry standard safety training such as H2S Alive, First Aid/CPR, WHMIS, and TDG. We also strongly encourage our consultants to take winter driving and defensive driving courses before travelling to remote locations.