Mudlogging Services

Mudlogging Services

Many clients still require drill cutting and gas sample collection to be completed while using remote geosteering. In these situations, we provide junior geological mudloggers to wash, vial and deliver samples for analysis and recording in the office or by a client’s specified lab. We provide three levels of mudlogging services to meet varied needs.

Mudlogging basic

Our basic mudlogging package includes one mudlogger per active drilling rig during the sampling interval. If the client has multiple active rigs in close proximity, one mudlogger may be used to cover up to 3 rigs, with each additional rig costing an additional 50% of the base day rate plus mileage fees.

In all situations, sample washing and packaging is performed between 7am and 7pm. Any samples collected at night will be dealt with the following morning and throughout the day. No additional services are provided in-field.

Mudlogging Advanced

Advanced mudlogging services are similar to those provided by the basic package with one minor change. Our mudlogger will be sent into the field with a camera equipped microscope capable of taking photos under both visible (white) light and UV light along with basic wellsite chemicals to evaluate hydrocarbon presence, and carbonate identification.

These services are provided as-needed if the remote geosteering team requires this information to make an informed decision. While typical sample collection and analysis is done during the 7am – 7pm day shift, the mudlogger will be on call 24 hours a day. If they are called outside of the 12 hour day shift, a $200 night call fee will be assessed.

Drill Cutting Photography

Mudlogging Premium

Our premium mudlogging service includes all the services in the advanced package as well as 2 mudloggers per area or rig. This package provides 24 hour mudlogging coverage for your operations and night-time calls are not billed at an extra rate.