Independent Wellsite Consulting

Silver Spring Energy Consulting Ltd. has developed a framework that allows independent wellsite consultants to keep their independence while we handle the regulatory, reporting and invoicing side of your business. We have spent over a decade in the wellsite consulting game and know how hard it can be to juggle well reporting, safety memberships, invoicing and chasing clients for payment.

Our program has no term-contract, you can leave at any time. We have no non-compete clauses anywhere in our signup process. All we are offering is to handle the following:

  • Invoicing as per client requirements
  • COR Membership
  • APEGA Registration/Permit to Practice
  • Safety reporting and statistics
  • Report review and submission to AER
  • Memberships in ISNetworld and ComplyWorks

We know you are independent for a reason, nobody wants to give up 10% of their day-rate to an agent that puts in less than 20 minutes of work per week for you. We have interviewed dozens of wellsite geologists and come up with what we think is a fair deal. For the first 100 days of work in a year we charge a $50/day flat rate. After that our services are free for the remainder of the year. We don’t require you to work through us for all of your jobs. If you have a client with simpler requirements and don’t want to pay us, we won’t take it personally but we will be there for you if those requirements change.

So sign up, you have nothing to lose except possibly the frustration of filling out yet another SECOR audit!