UAV Methane Detection

Boreal Laser GasFinder2 UAV

Silver Spring Energy Consulting Ltd. employs a state-of-the-art methane detection system mounted to our versatile multirotor UAV platform. This system provides real-time mapping of methane in the atmosphere as the UAV flys along a predetermined flight path.


The Laser Methane Mini is capable of measuring extremely small variations in atmospheric methane concentrations along the path of the downward facing laser. This means that we can detect increased methane presence even from slow, small or deeply buried and diffused natural gas leaks and tag them with precise GPS coordinates for follow-up.

Detection limits

Minimum detection threshold:

  • 1.0 ppm.m (parts per million per meter)

Reading Accuracy:

  • +/- 10%

Detection range:

  • 30m above ground level.

GPS Accuracy:

  • +/- 1.5m


Because our UAV systems run on batteries, cold weather has a major impact on our flight capabilities. All of our systems are verified to operate properly down to -10 degrees C in up to 40km/h winds.

To ensure safe and compliant operations we reduce our flight endurance estimates in cold weather.

-10 – 0 degrees C:
15 linear km/day or up to 1km2 (250 acres) with 400m grid spacing /day.

Above 0 degrees C:
20 linear km/day or up to 2km2 (500 acres) with 400m grid spacing /day.