Photogrammetry is a method by which 3 dimensional structure can be recorded using paired images to reconstruct depth. The applications of this technology ranges from scanning tiny objects such as fossils for preservation and non-destructive analysis to calculating the volume change of lakes and rivers over time.

SSEC Ltd. is equipped to handle the full range of photogrammetric projects but we specialize in using the technology to generate maps and models ranging from archaeological sites to mines and farms. For small areas we use hand-held DSLR cameras and ground measurements to reconstruct a scene while using multi-rotor and fixed wing UAV systems combined with GPS ground control to map large areas.

Photogrammetric volume analysis

One of the unique abilities of photogrammetry is the ability to not only create a photo-realistically textured model of an object or area but also calculate the volume of a particular feature such as a pit or pile. This means it is possible to calculate the exact volume of an irregular depression or estimate the amount of material that has been removed from a mine. On a larger scale it can be used to identify areas of excessive sediment erosion or deposition or to track the volume of water in a lake, river or dugout over time.

Photogrammetry to preserve a scene

Often we need to capture a scene or object in order to preserve some aspect of it for the future. This is particularly true for accident and crime scenes where they must be cleaned up after a certain period of time or dig sites where objects must be removed. Photogrammetry allows for a scene or object to be recorded in such as way as to be viewed, measured and visually analyzed from any angle long after the physical site is no longer viable. The primary advantage of photogrammetry over laser or LiDAR measurement lies in the fact that it not only captures geometry but also allows for a photo-realistic texture map to be applied.

Photogrammetry to reconstruct an object

Sometimes objects are too fragile to create a mold from or need to be reconstructed at a different scale. Using photogrammetry we can scan fossils, historical artifacts and even people then use 3d printing technologies to rebuild the object in plastic or resin at any scale necessary.