Aerial Mapping

Silver Spring Energy Consulting Ltd. uses state-of-the art technology to provide cost-effective and professional photogrammetric products to our clients. Using professional quality UAV systems, ground based photography and GPS technology we can build ultra high resolution aerial mosaics and DSMs of your property or project area in both visible and near-infrared spectrum light.

Our airphoto mosaics can achieve a maximum ground resolutions as good as 1cm for most project areas and geographic accuracy 0.05-3m depending on project requirements.

  • large scale photogrammetry
    Large area coverage
  • SundreGolfCourse
    Update your company's ground imagery on Google Maps

We use the lastest imaging technology including m4/3 cameras, NIR converted camera systems and FLIR thermal imaging systems to capture all the data required to accurately map your project area.

Depending on project requirements we can map areas from less than an acre up to 4 full sections in one day using our custom UAV fleet. Our previous clients include golf courses, pipeline inspection providers, provincial historic sites and even individual homeowners. Contact us to see how we can help meet your aerial remote sensing or photography needs.

Contact us to see how we can help you build an aerial overview of your project or property.