Installing Geoserver on Ubuntu Linux 18.10

GeoServer is a Java-based software web-server designed for sharing geospatial data on the web. It uses the Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Feature Servce (WFS) standard for sharing web maps and actual geospatial data sets. This allows simple sharing and editing of geospatial data. This document will record a step by step process for […]

Creating Vector Data in QGIS

This will cover creating basic vector data in QGIS. Included here will be instructions on how to create shapefile layers, and GeoPackage layers, and creating new geometry tables within a PostGIS Database.   Creating Shapefile Layers Creating Shapefile layers in QGIS is as follows: Open a QGIS project and save the project file in an […]

Adding XYZ Tiles to a QGIS Project

QGIS natively supports adding XYZ tiles to projects as background layers, from multiple sources. Here is a basic walkthrough as to how to connect XYZ tile services to your QGIS project. Open a QGIS Project and navigate to the ‘XYZ Tiles’ option in the Browser panel. Right click and select ‘New connection…’ In the XYZ […]

Converting a String Field to a Numerical Field in QGIS

Numerical data saved as a string in a PostGIS table column needs to be converted to a numerical data type to be properly analyzed. Below is a process by which to convert string data to real numbers in QGIS. Open the layer with the improper string column in QGIS, and toggle editing mode by selecting […]

Translating Vector Geometries

Translating geometries involves displacing vector data using a pre-defined offset distance from the current position of the data. In this case, we will be using this data to alter UAV flight paths (vector line data). This will involve shifting the paths to the East, West, North, or South, depending on the orientation of the flight […]

Importing Common Static Data to QGIS

Importing Static Data to QGIS This section will focus on basic importing of static geospatial data to QGIS project files for use. This will not cover the use of PostGIS or PostgreSQL for data management. Common standard files types will be included. Adding Favorite Directories QGIS allows the user to add ‘favorite’ directories to the […]

Getting Started with QGIS – Windows and Linux Installation

This post will focus on the basic installation and implementation of QGIS Desktop software on both Windows and Linux based systems. Installing QGIS: Windows Follow the steps below to install QGIS on Windows systems. This includes Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Navigate to in your browser to find the downloads page for various […]